Araceli Biosciences Introduces Matt Beaudet as New President and CEO

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, May 6th, 2024 – Araceli Biosciences, experts in cell-based screening and analysis technologies announced that their Board of Directors has appointed Matthew (Matt) Beaudet as the company’s new CEO. Matt brings a distinguished career spanning over two decades in leadership across several influential companies in the biotech industry, such as Molecular Probes, Invitrogen, and Life Technologies, culminating in a significant tenure as CEO of InVivo Biosystems. Throughout his career, Matt has consistently tackled substantial scientific challenges by fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. As CEO, Matt raised significant capital to support company growth, allowing for the development of substantial technological innovations and patents, which, under his leadership, resulted in InVivo’s successful commercialization of fluorescence-based assays and instrument platforms.

“The Araceli Board of Directors is confident Matt’s proven leadership record, commitment to the Oregon biotechnology community, entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to create cutting-edge technologies empowering researchers to accelerate therapeutic discovery will propel Araceli into a new and exciting era of growth and development.” –Bill Cortelyou, Chairman of the Board.

New CEO Matt Beaudet shared his excitement to join Araceli. “I am grateful to the Board for trusting me to lead this exceptional team. The innovation and success of the Araceli platform are a testament to what game-changing technology looks like in action. Joining you at this pivotal moment is a tremendous honor, I look forward to working alongside you to transform the speed of drug development and redefine what is possible in our field.”

About Araceli Biosciences Inc.

Araceli Biosciences is on a mission to create cutting-edge technologies that empower researchers to accelerate therapeutic discovery. Our goal is to be the leader in predictive AI- based image acquisition and analysis, enabling more informed decisions to increase therapeutic success. We envision a future where patients have earlier access to the most effective treatments.


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