High-Content Screening needs to see the whole picture

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What is Coverage?

Coverage means capturing more or all of the well. It means missing less, it means reducing your need to repeat.

It means increasing your data points, your accuracy, your chances of finding a hit.

Coverage means having it all, it means throwing away the rule book, the calculator, forgetting the lab folk law where Dave said 2 fields is "enough".

Enough comes from people who live with restrictions because the technology had limits.

Get more than enough, get it all, every cell, every well.

well acquisition

well acquisition

High Content Screening Full Well Coverage

Every Cell, Every Well

Cells don't just exist in the middle of the well, you have data all around the well. In focus, high-resolution, viable, useable data.

Never worry about getting enough, have it all.

See the Full Picture

Classical Microscope Field

Classical Microscope Field

9x9 Microscope Scan

9x9 Scan

Araceli Complete Scan (HCS)

A Full Well

Historically the challenge was sampling each well, to do this in a reasonable time (60 minutes or less) users reduced the data collected in each well. Typically, between 10-20% of the data is collected.

What are you missing? The answer is you don't know, only by collecting all the data can you see the whole picture.

Coverage, Not Compromise

HCS full well coverage
HCS cell painting

Araceli Endeavor™ does not drop resolution to achieve coverage. We maintain resolution of 0.27 microns per pixel which produces sharp high-definition images to drive accurate analysis and results helping you make the correct decisions.

Not only is resolution not compromised but the Endeavor achieves all the cells in all the wells in 15 minutes.

Living on the Edge

Have you considered that your cells have different morphology at the center vs the edge of the well?

This is biological and can also be influenced by your handling techniques (plate washer, pipetting speed, etc).

Different cell types can stratify across a well, and cells with different phenotypes respond differently to compounds.

By acquiring every cell, you’ll capture every data point – meaning more accurate analysis.

Get it All the First Time
Never Risk Repeating

When you finish a scan you're done. End of story, onto the next plate.

Stop guessing if you captured enough fields, got enough data, acquired with enough resolution for the analysis.

Stop risking missing a hit, making the wrong decision based on part of the data.

Stop risking having to repeat. Get every cell in every well, first time, every time.

HCS well preview