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High content screening needs to change to drive rapid drug discovery and development.
Throughput MUST increase.

Automation is not new, but Endeavor automated is a game changer. EndeavorGT delivers high throughput to the high content workflow.

Capable of running 35 Complete Scans in a single working day, EndeavorGT is the perfect solution for true high-scale screening applications.


EndeavorGT delivers:

6,000 Wells Per Hour - Delivering data faster to make better decisions

35 Plates Every Working Day - Start a screen in the morning and finish by end of day

875 Plates Every Month - Single machine capacity that allows you to really scale your screening


EndeavorGT handles 99% of the world's assays and plate formats. If you fall into that 99%, we can deliver a truly different experience improving speed, coverage & throughput and much more.

Supported Well Plate Formats 96, 384, 1536
Focus Laser Autofocus
Illumination LED
Standard Labels DAPI/Hoechst 33342
Physical Size Height 26” / 65cm
Width 28” / 71cm
Depth 27” / 68cm
Weight 300lbs / 140kg
Scan Time Preview 60 Seconds*, Single Shot, 4 Channels
Full Scan Under 15 Minutes (4-Channel, Full Well, Every Well)
Hotel Capacity 75 Plates

*96-well plate


Scanning hundreds of plates per week versus a handful, EndeavorGT re-defines throughput for High Content Screening.


EndeavorGT is designed to capture all available data, meaning you make the correct decision and never need to repeat.


Endeavor is a magnitude faster than existing systems, scanning any plate in under 15 minutes.


EndeavorGT’s acquisition software combined with Biosero GreenButtonGo means you can set up full screens and walk away.


There are no shortcuts in high content. EndeavorGT’s high resolution, high-fidelity images drive results.


What’s next? We want to learn about you.

What could you achieve with Endeavor? How can you accelerate your work, while reducing your training burden?

After hearing more about you we can show you what Endeavor can do for you.

Our goal is to work with you to make high content screening better.