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Decisions based on data drive faster discovery. To speed up discovery we need confidence in data.

The quality of this data is an amalgam of all the different parts of high content screening: from assay preparation, through scanning, to feature identification (segmentation) and visualization (plots and statistics).

Clairvoyance is designed to maximize the data quality. Using machine learning and deep neural net-based artificial intelligence (AI) Clairvoyance removes variability and delivers you the confidence you need in your data to make the right decisions.

In combination with the speed of Araceli Endeavor® and the throughput of EndeavorGT™, Clairvoyance™ creates a complete platform for High Content Imaging.

High-tech monitor with displaying the Voyager software: cell segmentation, heatmap, and image comparison, and workflow visualizations, as well as drag and drop functions.
neural network
Heatmap final
Drag and Drop Workflow final
Scatter plot final


Clairvoyance delivers:

Simple Workflow - Easy User Interface (UI) to select, segment and review.

Neural Net Optimized Segmentation - Utilize existing trained neural networks for segmentation of cells, spots, nuclei, networks, etc.

Visualization Tools - Investigate and interact with data and images, and understand trends and hits using heatmaps, scatter plots, box and whisker and concentration response plots.

Clairvoyance Difference

Clairvoyance’s Deep Learning Engine combined with a simple interface is designed to provide accurate data with minimal user input.


Unlike classical image analysis which relies on processing and intensity based segmentation, Clairvoyance uses dedicated neural networks to segment features to be analyzed.


Deep learning-powered neural networks are capable of handling differences between cells, wells, batches and even assays. Interpretable AI for your most challenging assays.


Clairvoyance delivers results fast. Parallelized processing brings you results faster.


Review and interact with images and measurements together to make better decisions.


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After hearing more about you we can show you what Clairvoyance can do for you.

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