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Analysis Simplified

Decisions based on data drive faster discovery. To speed up discovery we need a High Content Analysis solution with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate User Interface (UI) that gives scientists confidence in their data analysis.

How sensitive is your analysis to outliers, artifacts, and subjective parameterization? Clairvoyance™ analysis solution provides data visualizations and purpose-built QC methods to support scientists throughout protocol optimization and ensure they proceed in the right direction. Clairvoyance is designed to maximize data quality across all aspects of High Content Analysis. Using machine learning and deep neural net-based artificial intelligence (AI) Clairvoyance removes variability and delivers the confidence you need to make the right decisions.

In combination with the speed of Araceli Endeavor® and the throughput of Araceli EndeavorGT™, Clairvoyance™ creates a complete platform solution for High Content Imaging.

Clairvoyance, Analysis Simplified
Clairvoyance UI showing Detection, Analysis, and Visualization


Clairvoyance delivers:

Simple Workflow - Intuitive, yet powerful UI to select, segment and review.

Wide Variety of Detection and Segmentation Methods - Optimize analysis protocols to use the best tool for the job, across all assays.

Neural Net Optimized Segmentation - Utilize trained neural networks for segmentation of cells, spots, and nuclei.

Visualization Tools - Explore and interact with data and images, and understand trends and hits using heatmaps, scatter plots, box and whisker plots and dose response curves.

Clairvoyance Difference

Clairvoyance’s simple and powerful workflow combined with deep neural networks is designed to provide accurate data with minimal user input or training.


In addition to image analysis algorithms for feature detection and segmentation, Clairvoyance offers neural networks to simplify the task of segmenting nuclei, cells and other subcellular objects.


Tailor your analysis times to align seamlessly with your compute resources and assay requirements.


Accelerate your productivity journey with our cutting-edge analysis software and workstation – where getting results quickly is a certainty.


Clairvoyance supports your visualization and analysis needs. Review and interact with images – from plate to well to single field of view – and measurements together to make better decisions.


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