Image Quality

High Content Screening should produce beautiful images, because that’s what your analysis deserves.

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What is Image Quality?

Image quality is the accuracy in which an imaging system captures, processes, stores and displays an image.

It has several descriptors some qualitative (punchy, crisp, bright, sharp) and some quantitate (pixel size, pixel count, resolving power).

The key to good image quality comes down to a quality, purpose-built light path. Everything has been designed to give the best image quality at screaming speeds. Your biology deserves it, because your decision is only as good as your data.

HCS Neuronal Network
HCS high resolution
HCS cell painting

Look Good!

Smart proprietary optics, illumination and sensor design all come together to deliver crisp, clear, even, and in-focus images.

Resolve Structure

Optics and sampling make up resolution on an optical system. Your lens must be good and so must your imaging sensor.

The Endeavor and EndeavorGT have both been optimized to digitally resolve 0.27 microns per pixel.

This resolution easily allows for fine structures to be resolved, aiding both wow factor and analysis.

HCS dividing cell
HCS dividing cell
HCS dividing cell
HCS dividing cell

Location Independent Quality

Unlike other solutions that capture only a few fields around the center the Araceli Endeavor capture the full well.

Not only do we maximize well coverage we maintain image quality for every location in that well.

Flat, even, crisp, high-resolution images from anywhere in the well.

HCS full well coverage

Demanding or Varying Samples

Not all wells are the same, sort of the point really. Intensity will vary but your sensor exposure times should not.

The Endeavor is optimized to ensure we capture the best representation of your plate and the variations that make it what it is.

Images that Enable Analysis

Qualitative and Quantitative terms are fine as descriptors but what Araceli Biosciences and our customers know is that image quality is needed to drive results.

Image quality enables analysis and with our Endeavor and Clairvoyance solutions we can optimize the quality and measurements to give you the confidence in your data that make you drive the correct decisions.

HCS full well coverage myotubes