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What is Speed?

Speed is a rate of progress, the time to do a task, or the number of tasks accomplished per timepoint. We all know we want to do things faster, but what does that mean in High-Content Screening (HCS) and Analysis?

HCS is not standardized. Manufacturers often quote speed, but parameters (resolution, fields, channels) often vary and prevent controlled comparison.

Like you, we know time is our most valuable asset, and we designed Araceli Endeavor® to accelerate High-Content Screening with no compromises.

minutes or less

How long does your scan take?

The Complete Scan

Araceli is coining the term Complete Scan to help HCS users understand how fast an instrument really is.

Complete Scan can be considered a full scan with no trade-offs (dropping resolution, dropping field size, imaging only 1 channel) to obtain a time to scan a well.

Complete Scan is defined as

○ Any plate (96, 384, 1536)

○ imaging the full well - no sub sampling

○ 4 dyes/channels

○ High resolution (0.27 microns per pixel)

So How Much Faster Are We?

Instrument A

Instrument B

Instrument C

Instrument D


Competitor A - 2640 min


Competitor B - 1560 min


Competitor C - 660 min


Competitor D - 360 min


Araceli Endeavor - 15 min


2640 min

1560 min

660 min

360 min

15 min

The above data demonstrates the true speed of Endeavor when compared to other instruments conducting a Complete Scan. Why such a drastic change? Classical High-Content providers have been unadventurous, producing lower-priced product offerings or adding slight modifications rather than seeking new ways of addressing speed.

At Araceli, we are dedicated to helping our customers drive drug discovery by daring to re-invent technology that has been relatively stagnant for nearly two decades.

Eliminating Compromise

Before Endeavor, a 10-minute High-Content scan required dropping the number of channels, sample coverage, or image resolution.

These compromises result in the loss of 90% of data from the well or analysis difficulties from poor image quality.

Our team spent years inventing Endeavor's patented technology, so you no longer have to choose between valuable data and time in the lab.

more data
more speed


Araceli Complete Scan (HCS) 9x9 Microscope Scan


Stop the compromise, start power screening

Want to Go Even Faster?

So maybe you just want a preview, maybe you are willing to compromise, what then?

Well you just go faster. Faster than you have ever done before...

Screen if you want to go faster...

A Preview Scan That's Worth 1000 Words

Preview Scanning a 96 well plate can take from 3- 8 minutes when capturing multiple channels.

Araceli Endeavor performs preview scans in under a minute with ALL 4 CHANNELS. That's 3 X faster than the next fastest High Content system.

Araceli Endeavor captures a region of 1.2mm x 1.2mm during its preview scan. That's 4 x more data than classical High Content systems.

This large scan region allows you to capture more data than classical High Content systems in a preview scan alone.

We deliver 0.27um/pixel digital resolution in every image, every time. That means you can count cells, puncta and everything in between, without compromise.