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What is Throughput?

Throughput can be considered the rate of production or the rate at which something is processed. In High-Content this is normally how many plates or wells are captured per hour, day, week, month, or year.

Finding the next drug candidate is a big undertaking and we believe High-Content Screening should not be holding you back.

Araceli is invested in increasing the speed of drug discovery by providing throughput-enabling technology to scan, automate, and get answers faster than ever before.

minutes or less

How Long Until Your Next Plate?

With Araceli Endeavor™ you are only 15 minutes away from running your next plate.

Don't wait an hour or more; just give it a few minutes. We're nearly done.

Speed + Automation = Throughput

Load, Scan, Replace,
Load, Scan, Replace,
Over and over again....

Araceli EndeavorGT™ builds on the speed of Endeavor to truly deliver a high throughput solution.

Delivering Complete Scans every 15 minutes

○ Any plate (96, 384, 1536)

○ Imaging the full well - no sub sampling

○ Four dyes/channels

○ High resolution (0.27 microns per pixel)

Full Well + Speed = Maximum Data

HCS Data Acquisition vs Time Graph

Endeavor is designed to capture every cell in every well, whereas other systems trade imaging area to keep plate scanning times under 60 minutes.

Combining Endeavor’s data capture capabilities with the automated flow of EndeavorGT brings the most powerful data acquisition system the High-Content industry has ever witnessed, providing 15x more data than any other system in the market.

35 Plates Per Working Day

Arrive in the morning, load the plates, set up the protocol, go get on with other work. It's that easy.

35 plates in a working day can quickly scale to 875 plates a month, 1050 plates a year.

Imagine if you ran it overnight also, what about a weekend? If you need to speed up screening then the EndeavorGT is the only solution.

6x the Throughput

Drive more than 6x the output of every other High-Content solution with Araceli EndeavorGT™.

All with no compromise in quality, resolution, or data.

One instrument delivers more in a working day than other solutions in a week.

The EndeavorGT - one instrument doing the job of 6

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