Chief Financial Officer

Shawn MacDonald

Shawn MacDonald brings over 25 years of experience in corporate finance. His background includes experience at companies in the Fortune 100, mid & small-cap companies as well as experience in startup companies. He brings a wealth of knowledge about industry best practices and processes to Araceli Biosciences. Much of his career has been in the semiconductor capital equipment industry in roles as finance director, investor relations and strategic finance. Previously, Mr. MacDonald was Senior Director of Finance at MKS Instruments. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Oregon. Mr. MacDonald is a native Oregonian who can be found spending time with his family and exploring the outdoors.
Director of Business Development

Mike Sjaastad, PhD

Mike is a familiar and active member of the High Content Imaging and Analysis and community and was deeply involved in the creation and commercialization of several popular HCA imaging platforms. Most recently he has focused on innovation at start ups, helping create and bring new cell based screening technology platforms and expand life science automation. His academic and industrial research career focused on oncology and immunology at UC Berkeley and Stanford pioneering the field of high-speed 3-D imaging of live T cell signaling.

Outside of work Mike enjoys hiking with his family and dogs, Martial Arts, and playing bass in a rock ‘n’ roll cover band.

Vice President of Engineering

Scott Igl

Mr. Igl joined Phoseon in 2007, bringing over 20 years of experience in both established as well as start-up company environments with expertise in mechanical design. Mr. Igl has been awarded 14 patents covering fiber optic communications and high power lasers. Prior to joining Phoseon, Mr. Igl managed a multi-disciplinary, high-power laser diode product development team for nLight Corp. Previously, Mr. Igl worked for 3M Corporation where he managed fiber optic technology projects. Mr. Igl holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.
Stuart Gibb -VP of Sales Araceli
Vice President of Sales

Stuart Gibb

Director of Marketing

Maggie Vantangoli Policelli, PhD

Dr. Maggie Vantangoli Policelli is an experienced research scientist with a background in toxicology and fluorescent imaging. She earned her PhD from Brown University, developing and validating 3D culture models for phenotypic toxicity testing. Dr. Vantangoli Policelli moved into industry, supporting scientists across North America in the areas of fluorescent microscopy and high content analysis, particularly in drug discovery. At Araceli Biosciences, she is driving the development and commercialization of new technologies to revolutionize drug discovery. Outside of work, she can be found spending time with her family, hiking and gardening, and occasionally herding chickens.


Business Development Manager

Kristin Halfpenny, PhD

Business Development Manager

Paul Carman

Paul Carman is an imaging expert with 20 years of imaging and analysis expertise. He started his career studying physiology of the lens of the eye, honed his skills at a microscopy core at Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai and has spent the last 17 years as an industry expert on live cell and high content imaging. Paul has a passion for cell-based therapeutics and the development of phenotypic screening. In his free time Paul enjoys traveling, cycling, and playing and performing jazz music.
Business Development Manager

Tawnie Cordes

Principal Field Application Scientist

Amanda Clement, PhD.

Amanda Clement is an experienced research scientist and field applications scientist. She earned her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, developing 3D in vitro culture models to study the impact of microtopography on cellular function. She also holds a BS in Engineering from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering where she was part of the inaugural graduating class and learned how to build something new while developing her technical skills. Outside of work, Amanda enjoys running, spending time with family and friends and curling up with a good book and the family rescue cats.

Marketing and Product Realization

Market Manager

Matt Dobbin, PhD

Matt is a passionate and experienced research scientist with a background in chromatin biology and a focus on advanced imaging techniques and the application of computational approaches towards looking at biological data. He earned his PhD from MIT where he developed and applied novel imaging-based approaches towards interrogating the DNA damage response in the nervous system. Matt has worked towards bringing high-content imaging platforms and their corresponding data analysis pipelines online at several startups and bio-techs while simultaneously gaining exposure to the client and business-facing side of science.
Product Manager

Nasiema Wingate-Pearse

Marketing Communications Specialist

Cristina Ortiz Mateos

With a passion for scientific research and communication, Cristina is enthusiastic about shaping messages that resonate with everyday scientists. With a proven record of driving campaigns to raise awareness of the urgently needed solutions in drug discovery, she loves bringing concepts from the benchtop to the corporate lobby. She has a BS in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and is pursuing an MSc in Business and Management. When she is not in the office, you can find her running, on the beach, or visiting new coffee shops.
Senior Graphic Designer

Jasmine Silver

Punctuated by a ceaseless curiosity for how things work, Jasmine Silver fits in wholeheartedly as the Senior Graphic Designer at Araceli Biosciences. With over 10 years of experience translating complex, technical products into clear, visual communication, Jasmine brings brands to life in the real world. Jasmine's breadth of skills include a specialty for taking projects full circle: from napkin sketch to finished piece, plus all the details in-between.

Scientific Applications

Theresa Thompson PhD. Application Scientist Araceli
Applications Scientist/Engineer

Theresa Thompson, PhD

Application Scientist

Matt Boisvert, PhD

As an Application Scientist, Matt leverages extensive microscopy experience, ranging from quantifying gene expression on hundreds of slides to live imaging brain activity in an awake mouse, to bring Endeavor to life with imaging, analysis, and new assays. With a PhD in neuroscience from UC San Diego and postdoctoral training at Oregon Health and Science University, he helped elucidate how a particular cell type in the brain changes with age and modeled the effects of a family of immune proteins in aging glial cells. When not analyzing and acquiring data, Matt can be found outdoors, running across ridgeways and snowfields, floating through canyons and estuaries, or maybe just relaxing in a hammock with a good book.
Research Assistant

Josh Kieler

AI Data Science

Senior Data Scientist

Will Marshall

Data Scientist of Computer Vision

Luke Ternes, PhD

Dr. Ternes is a Data Scientist of Computer Vision with extensive experience in multi-plex single cell and tissue image analysis. He earned his PhD from Oregon Health and Science University where he developed novel deep learning methods and architectures for extracting biological information from complex cancer imaging data. He has also done considerable amounts of work developing analysis methods for state-of-the-art retinal imaging devices and blood-borne pathogen testing chips. In his free time, he enjoys cosplaying, long distance backpacking, and writing novels.
Principal Systems Engineer

Kevin Ferguson

Data Scientist – Software Engineer

Timm Derrickson

Timm Derrickson is a data scientist with experience creating models in several fields from CPG replenishment to STR investment. At Araceli, he is focusing on the pragmatic application of neural networks and resource handling to our projects.


Engineering Manager

Tyler Wilson

Tyler Wilson is a Senior Opto-Mechanical Engineer for Araceli Biosciences. Tyler specializes in development and product design of optical systems. His work has focused on creating innovative hardware solutions for biological imaging instruments.
Field Service Technician

Andrew Irwin

Andrew Irwin is a Field Service Engineer for Araceli Biosciences. With a background contributing to large scale industry leading projects in the semiconductor industry, Andrew brings strong passion and a unique skillset to Araceli. His work has focused on bringing to life Araceli’s projects coast to coast.
Electrical Engineer

Chris Gulick

Senior Optical and Research Engineer

Puck Ja, PhD

After finishing his post-doc work in digital signal processing, numerical EM field modeling for wave propagation phenomena, Dr. Ja has been working on optical sensing based on imaging and non-imaging technology, and develop sensing algorithm and machine vision technology to enhance sensing performance from the visible to long-wave infrared wavelengths over two decades via funding from NSF, NIST, and US military. Since joining Phoseon Life Science in 2017, he has been working on LED and laser-based illumination optics from deep-UV to visible wavelengths for the microscopy applications. In addition to the optics design, Dr. Ja is also interested in computational photography for innovated imaging technologies, imaging processing algorithm for enhanced performance, and computer vision programming to facilitate the automation of imaging applications.
Principal Design Engineer

Mike Bitsch

Manufacturing Engineer

Matt Addington

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Ron Peters

Ron's engineering background spans over 30 years of new product development in precision electro-mechanical and opto-mechanical design. He brings his semiconductor equipment and consumer electronics background into the world of biological imaging. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.