High content imaging without sacrificing coverage, resolution or speed: Functional validation through multiple assays

Authors: Matthew Boisvert, Josh Kieler



Validating an end-to-end high throughput solution for high content imaging.

Araceli Endeavor® can image 96- 384- and 1536- well plates in <10 minutes, without sacrificing image quality or sample coverage. To match these speeds while taking advantage of this submicron resolution and maximized well coverage, ClairvoyanceTM analysis software uses a combination of AI, machine vision, and traditional techniques to quantify these images at speed. Imaging and analysis are seamlessly linked through 25Gbps fiber connections and a 110Tb network attached storage device. This poster highlights validation of this end-to-end system at the level of the bioassay, using a range of common high content assays to quantifiably demonstrate sensitivity, breadth, and broad applicability.

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