High-Content Screening should not require an expert

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What is Simplicity?

Simplicity is the art of keeping everything that can be controlled for a user, simple. Simplicity is the reverse of complexity.

Simplicity means having intuitive interfaces, not training certificates. It means pressing go rather than worrying you selected the correct options. It means getting the most out of technology by doing the least.

Simplicity means spending time on the right things, not wasting time because of poor product design.

Train in less than 15 minutes

15 minutes is not only the time to scan a plate using our Endeavor system, it's also the time a user should complete training on an intuitive product.

No longer do we need courses, note taking, manuals, experts. No longer should we worry when our expert is on vacation. This is not just easy to use, its more than that, this is designed for simplicity.

Set Up a Scan in
Less Than 2 Minutes

1. Open door

2. Add well

3. Close door

4. Select a well to check image quality

5. Alter exposure times

6. Select full scan or individual wells

7. Preview scan if you want to (90 seconds)

8. Scan

Control the controls


Adjust exposure time as needed

Full Well or Preview

Get a quick snapshot or scan for full data

Target Well Selection

Select the well you want to see

Pseudo or Greyscale

Find markers or just checking morphology

Part of the Araceli Biosciences design philosophy is to ensure only what is needed is included.

Unlike others we don't need to provide controls to trade between the classic compromises in high content. Speed, coverage and resolution.

When you scan every cell in every well at 0.27 microns per pixel in 15 minutes why would you need more controls?

With Endeavor you are in control with less controls to worry about.

Automate with Green Button Go

Green Button Go -Araceli Biosciences partners with Biosero

Automation through Robotics needs to be as simple and repeatable as possible, that's why we partnered with Biosero and utilize the simplicity of their Green Button Go software within our EndeavorGT solution.

In partnership with Biosero

Deep Learning - Analysis

Deep learning-based analysis makes segmentation of even the toughest samples without need for dozens of parameters to be set.

Trained analysis helps means segmentation is achieved irrespective of experimental variation and phenotype, reducing the need to alter or interrupt analysis between wells or plates.

Overall AI based analysis requires less set up and training than classical intensity based approaches whilst delivering better data to help you make better decisions.

High Content Analysis -Segmentation High Content Analysis -Segmentation