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Analysis for All

Revolutionize your data analysis experience with our state-of-the-art platform featuring an effortlessly simple user interface. Navigating complexities has never been this intuitive – our user-friendly, biology-focused design ensures you easily command the power of advanced analysis. Uncover insights seamlessly, confidently make data-driven decisions, and enjoy a transformative analysis journey that is both easy and powerful.

Neural Networks

Smarter Segmentation

No Segmentation

Segmented Cells

Segmented Nuclei

Using machine learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) and deep neural networks, Clairvoyance removes variability to deliver confidence and data-driven decision-making. Each neural network has been trained on datasets that cover a range of biology, and has learned how to reliably segment multiple biological features. Araceli Clairvoyance™’s Deep Neural Networks can be used to identify nuclei, cells and spots. We’ve done the training so you don’t have to.


Assay Agnostic Tools

Clairvoyance allows you to quickly create and test multi-staged protocols to meet the analysis needs of your assay. Each step of your protocol offers a variety of detection and segmentation methods, from thresholding to template matching to deep neural networks. You can use the results of a previous step to detect and segment additional objects by adding or subtracting masks or seeding the detection process with another object.

Easily extract features from images which can be used for phenotypic profiling, assay evaluation and downstream analysis. Select which metrics you need for your assay, from a variety of intensity and morphology measurements. Finally, calculate ratios that will help you plot the results of your experiments.


Faster to Answers

Accelerate your productivity journey with our cutting-edge Clairvoyance analysis solution – where getting results quickly is a certainty. Choose the right tools for the job and experience high-performance with parallelized processing for your analysis. With Clairvoyance™, embark on a journey where unwavering assurance in your data propels your discoveries forward at an unparalleled speed.


Review, Analyze, Make Decisions

Big data needs simple visualization. Clairvoyance makes review of Endeavor’s high resolution images and sub-cellular measurements easy and interactive. Focus on what matters most - your images.

By combining segmentation, feature extraction and data visualization in the same software, you will find your answers easier and faster than you thought possible. Quickly validate the results of your experiments by generating heatmaps, scatter plots, box and whisker plots, and dose response curves.

High Content Screening