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Analysis for All

Clairvoyance is designed with predictability in mind. The interface minimizes the need for multiple dialog boxes, options and guided wizards. No more getting lost in windows upon windows – just you, your data and your results.

What’s more difficult? Selecting a neural network for segmentation, or parametrizing and thresholding until you get the analysis just right, only to find out it doesn’t work on the next well or sample? By combining common sense design with ready to use neural networks, we reduce the complexity of high content screening and analysis.

The overall result is an analysis workflow you can learn to set up in minutes, producing data you can view easily to make the decisions you need.

Neural Networks

Smarter Segmentation




Unlike historical image analysis which relies heavily on image processing, manipulation and intensity-based segmentation, Clairvoyance takes into account all of your data, utilizing dedicated neural networks to segment your biology.

Each neural network has been trained on large datasets that cover a range of biology, and has learned how to reliably segment any given biological feature. Araceli Clairvoyance™’s Deep Neural Networks can identify spots, cells, nuclei, networks and more. We’ve done the training so you don’t have to.


Assay Agnostic Tools

Regardless of

Assay Type

or Morphology

Because the networks have seen various cell types, they can detect and segment various cell types. We take our training seriously. Clairvoyance’s neural networks are incredibly good at handling variation so you get reliable results regardless of variation across a plate, across a batch and across assays.

In the example at right, our cell neural network was used to detect all of the unique cell types – meaning your analysis does not need to be assay dependent. Simple – from acquisition to results.


Faster to Answers

Clairvoyance drives discovery by providing interpretable AI, faster than ever before.

Clairvoyance takes advantage of distributed processing. When combined with ultra-fast setup, you get your results in record time.


Review, Analyze, Make Decisions

Big data needs simple visualization. Clairvoyance makes review of images and measurements easy and interactive.

By combining segmentation, feature extraction and visualization in the same software, you can get to your answer easier than ever before. Heatmaps, scatter plots, box and whisker plots, concentration responses? You name it, you’ve got it.

Cell Segmentation


Your Science, Your Analysis

The flexibility of neural networks is incredible, but sometimes you may want more. Bring our data expertise in house with your own personal neural network, optimized for and owned by your organization.

Araceli Biosciences offers custom neural network training and optimization services which can be directly imported into Clairvoyance.

High Content Screening