Portland, Oregon (December 16, 2020) – Araceli Biosciences (“Araceli”), a biotechnology company focused on developing novel platforms for scientific research, announced its launch today. Araceli develops world class instrumentation to accelerate research in both tissue and cell biology. With decades of experience in biomedical research and technology development, the Araceli team embodies the belief that speed is a weapon in biomarker and drug discovery research. A fusion of fundamental scientific principles with exciting technology allows Araceli to accelerate discovery while transcending the limitations of current methods. By combining speed with precision, resolution and artificial intelligence, Araceli will revolutionize the early drug discovery workflow.

Araceli’s innovative tools are designed by scientists, for scientists, and blend ease of use, speed and quality to guarantee confidence in your results. By significantly reducing the time required for early biomarker identification and drug discovery, Araceli empowers its customers to learn faster.

“Araceli’s technology represents a tremendous leap forward for imaging biological specimens,” says Dr. Ben Freiberg, VP of Digital Pathology. “These advances fundamentally change the questions that researchers can ask and the biology that can be explored in early-stage drug discovery and biomarker identification.”

“We don’t shy away from taking on big challenges at Araceli,” says Dr. Maggie Vantangoli Policelli, Product Line Manager at Araceli Biosciences. “For example, traditional image-based screening of cellular assays has forced users to choose between acquiring data quickly or acquiring comprehensive, representative cell populations. We’ve turned that on its head and are dedicated to giving customers the ability to do both, by melding fast, stable hardware with a simple, modern, easy-to-use and intuitive software platform. This is a massive improvement in the drug discovery arena, particularly for scientists studying rare events and performing single cell analysis, allowing users to collect hundreds of thousands of wells per day.”

About Araceli Biosciences
Araceli Biosciences delivers high-performance scientific tools for tissue and cell-based biomarker discovery, drug discovery and drug development. With decades of combined biomedical research and instrument design experience, we are focused on developing scientific instrumentation to improve outcomes and enable our customers to advance scientific and medical research. Speed is essential for furthering our understanding of biology, and we believe in reducing the time needed to acquire high-quality data and obtain clear, high-quality results. By making advanced technologies accessible, we allow researchers to focus on the science, not the tool. Our goal is to develop innovative products that accelerate basic research, drug discovery, and manufacturing to advance healthy outcomes. We believe in blurring the line between science and technology, using one to improve the other in a holistic approach.

Maggie Vantangoli Policelli
Product Line Manager
Araceli Biosciences
+1 617.645.2615