Araceli Biosciences launches Endeavor high content analysis platform

Hillsboro, OR – January 25, 2021 – Araceli Biosciences, a provider of advanced biological imaging platforms, today announced the launch of its flagship product, the Araceli EndeavorTM. Endeavor revolutionizes drug discovery by delivering high speed, high resolution, full well scanning of cell-based assays.

Endeavor images 10 times the biology in a fraction of the time, acquiring every cell, every time. Endeavor combines exceptionally fast, full well imaging with sub-half micron pixel resolution, generating high quality, high resolution data.

With no training required, the Araceli platform makes high content analysis comprehensive, fast and easy. With intelligent tools users can generate quality results quickly and confidently, reducing the time needed for drug discovery. A single Endeavor system can acquire over 20,000 complete wells per day, at a market leading rate of 480 megapixels/second.

“The role of high content analysis in drug discovery has unfortunately been limited in the last 20 years due to throughput,” says Jeff Harris, General Manager of Araceli Biosciences. “It just hasn’t been fast enough. We set out to change that.”

We are very excited to release Endeavor and address a tremendous need in the drug discovery space,” says Maggie Vantangoli Policelli, PhD. “For far too long, high content analysis has meant compromise – sacrificing either speed or sample coverage. Now Endeavor collects ultra-high-resolution data of every cell quickly. It is a game changer – with high resolution full-well imaging, you can see more biology than ever before, faster than ever before.”

Endeavor will be showcased this year at the virtual Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening conference January 25-28, 2021. Come visit us to see it in action!

About Araceli Biosciences

Araceli Biosciences delivers high-performance scientific tools for tissue and cell-based biomarker discovery, drug discovery and drug development. With decades of combined biomedical research and instrument design experience, we focus on developing scientific instrumentation to improve outcomes and enable our customers to advance scientific and medical research. We believe in reducing the time needed to acquire high-quality data and obtain clear, high-quality results. By making advanced technologies accessible, we allow researchers to focus on the science, not the tool. We develop innovative products that accelerate basic research, drug discovery, and manufacturing. We believe in blurring the line between science and technology, using one to improve the other in a holistic approach.


Maggie Vantangoli Policelli
Product Line Manager
Araceli Biosciences
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