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Go Big or Go Home: A No Compromise Approach to High Content Screening

Tuesday, February 28,
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM, Room 17A

While technological advancements have enabled high-throughput capabilities in research areas like genomics, meaningful impacts have yet to be felt in the high content imaging space. Additionally, traditional high-content imaging has been a trade-off between a fast data acquisition rate with low informational density or a prolonged data acquisition rate with rich informational density. To address this, Araceli Biosciences took a no-compromise approach to develop a new high content screening workflow, where the speed, sample coverage, and image resolution trifecta no longer need to suffer. Matt Dobbin, PhD., market manager at Araceli Biosciences, will be walking through the impact that this no-compromise approach can bring, specifically as it relates to common imaging assays such as cell counting and neurite outgrowth. He will also provide a future-facing look at the bleeding edge of HCS imaging tech and how end users can scale their research in 2023 and beyond.